"I didn't dream about being a singer. I just was a singer."
It is rare when a voice as powerful as Res comes around. Born Shareese Ballard in Philadelphia, Res has become an iconic example of the artist that defies classification. Res only belongs to one genre; her own. Her travels around the world as a solo artist, along with her participation in the super group Idle Warship with Talib Kweli have solidified her as a creative force to be reckoned with. 
Res' solo debut album How I Do remains a cult classic. Her follow up entitled Black Girls Rock was released completely independent and showcases Res as an artist finding her own voice. Now she is back with Refried Mac, a reworking of a dedication to the music of Fleetwood Mac.
While Res learned about soul and R&B music as her parents listened to artists like Marvin Gaye and Teddy Pendergrass around the home, she also gravitated to the pop/rock acts like the Eurythmics and Pearl Jam. Recognizing their daughter's immense talent early, Res' parents paid for her to receive voice lessons at the age of 7. By 14, Res was singing arias from operas in Italian and by the time she left for college at Temple University she was classically trained. Res was at college when she decided to reach out to her childhood friend Santi "Santigold" White, who years before her wonderful singing career was an A&R at Epic Records in New York City.
After hearing Res sing over the phone, Santi invited her up to New York to record some music. Santi introduced Res to Corey Smyth from Blacksmith Management, who shopped songs written by Santi and recorded by Res to major labels until they landed a deal on Geffen/MCA Records.
Res began her professional career by singing hooks on hip hop classics like Too Late by Talib Kweli and Hi Tek and Beneath the Surface by GZA, but hip hop did not define Res' sound. Res found a producer who was able to summon up all of her musical influences in Doc, a Minneapolis based Svengali who was best known for his work with Toronto's Esthero. The Result of their work together was How I Do, a collection of original songs that incorporate elements of rock, pop, reggae, jazz and hip hop. Nas rapped on the remix of one of the songs, Ice King, and the single They Say Vision hit number one on the Billboard dance chart in 2002.
In 2008, after touring the world as a part of the Gnarls Barkley stage show, Res formed Idle Warship with her friend and musical partner Talib Kweli. Idle Warship put out a mix tape called Party Robot and an album called Habits of The Heart independently, which allowed Res and Talib Kweli to tour the group internationally, creating a new identity and revenue stream for the two artists. Not one to Rest on her laurels, Res immediately dropped her second solo album Black.Girls.Rock! on her website, to acclaimed reviews.
The next chapter in Res illustrious career arrives with Refried Mac, a collection of Fleetwood Mac songs reinvented by Res and producer Tom Spiker. Due out on October 15th, 2013 thru Javotti Media/Entertainment One Music, Refried Mac is sure to be received with love from Res' large, established fan base, as well as help her develop new fans who are more familiar with the catalog of Fleetwood Mac. Res also has a deal with Javotti Media/eOne Music for a solo album of original material that will drop shortly after Refried Mac
Refried Mac gives Res a platform of familiar songs to showcase her amazing voice. It is an artistic triumph that is sure to whet the appetite for the main course, the next original album from a beautiful, brilliant, original artist. As Res says, "I will always be doing music. At times I've wanted to quit for financial reasons, but I'm damn good at it. Doing music is what I'm supposed to do. It feels so obvious."