NASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 10, 2016) – Sundy Best will release its fourth eOne Music release on Friday, April 22. It’s So Good LIVE features the Kentucky duo during a sold-out show in Louisville, Kentucky offering up crowd favorites such as “These Days,” “I Wanna Go Home,” “Drunk Right” and other songs from their three previously released collections on eOne Music. The 24-song set includes 23 original songs written by the duo’s Kris Bentley and Nick Jamerson and a cover of Tom Petty’s “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.” Pre-orders are available now on iTunes and Amazon.
Since 2013, the unconventional duo has generated a solid following with their three previous releases, Door Without a Screen, Bring Up The Sun and Salvation City. From the first note heard by many tastemakers, the band has garnered significant airplay on Sirius XM, CMT and various other outlets. Aside from being a part of the CMT “Listen Up” program, they have played with the Steve Miller Band at The Ryman, to over 75,000 at various Kentucky Wildcat events, and have received numerous accolades from national media outlets. Sundy Best went from the cajon and acoustic to adding the electric guitar and keyboard on this outing, proving that their music and message is full whether it is stripped down or full blown, as evidenced on It’s So Good LIVE!
Track Listing: street date – April 22, 2016
  1. Count on Me
  2. Shotgun Lady
  3. Lotta Love
  4. Smoking Gun
  5. It’s So Good
  6. Southern Boy
  7. NOYA
  8. Jimmy Crider
  9. Fishin’
  10. Rock N Roll Baby
  11. Summit City Slowdown
  12. Drunk Right
  13. Mary Jane’s Last Dance (written by Tom Petty)
  14. Uneven Trade
  15. Lily
  16. Hindman
  17. Piece Of Work
  18. Swarpin’
  19. Until I Met You
  20. These Days
  21. Four Door
  22. Thunder
  23. I Wanna Go Home
  24. This Country (BONUS TRACK)
Sundy Best crafts music that re-imagines timeless classic rock of the ‘70s and ‘80s – think the Eagles and the smart, whiskey-voiced lyrics of Tom Petty and Bob Seger. With Nick on guitar and Kris on cajon, Sundy Best takes that sound, modernizes it in their own unique way by borrowing hints of country and bluegrass, and makes it personal. Offstage, they are lifelong friends, college athletes and dog-lovers; onstage the musical duo delivers something wholly fresh and original, blending their best influences with personal music histories.
“I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to capture our music in a way that truly represents us,” says Nick. “It was a very special year for us and the live recording is essentially the show we played all year all over the country. We just felt like these were the songs we could play the best, collectively. I'm very proud of the band and our performance as well as the rest of our team for making this record possible.”
“It was tough to decide what tracks to include,” adds Kris. “The crowds on both nights were optimal for a live recording, and we went with what felt most comfortable.”